Patient service overview

National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation is a 500 bed tertiary center, receiving referral patients from all over the country. Among 500 beds, 40% is paying and 60% is non-paying. In the paying bed seat rent is taka 225/- per day. At present NITOR has 10 air-condition cabin which rent is taka 1000/- per day. The investigation cost is taka 20/- to 300/- for each test and X-ray of normal variety is taka 55/- to 70/- and digital X-ray is taka 250/-. Operation charge for minor procedure is taka 500/- and for major procedure is taka 1000/-.

All these services are increasing day by day in quantity as well as in quality. Many specialized operations like spine surgery, replacement surgery like total hip and knee replacement and plastic & reconstructive surgery of limbs, which require at three to four hours to operate, are done at a minimum cost on routine basis. The economic impact of these services is huge, which is completely borne by the Government and rendered through NITOR.

Patient Attendance & Operation at NITOR
YearPatient attendancePatient admissionTotal operation
2013 1356091741025515
2018 1824352390830102